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Gazelle Champion Mondial

This site aims to provide information about vintage steel Gazelle racing bicycles, particularly the Champion Mondial models from the 1970's and 1980's. Thanks to the many enthusiasts who have made catalog scans and other material available and the Gazelle factory administration who were so kind to provide the overview of frame numbers per calendar year.

I hope you find these pages helpful in identifying your Gazelle Champion Mondial. For any further questions or additional information that you would like to share, please drop me a line at

April 2023: Colour page updated
Thanks to Ad Meeuwesen the colour samples Berylgroen and Goudbrons were added. This sparked extensive rework of the colour page. The colour bars now better reflect the actual colours and lacking information from around 1974-75 was added based on material in the Gazelle Image Archive. An additional colour page for the 1990's is now also available.

June 2023: Decals tool development
Unimpressed with the correctness of Champion Mondial decals offered online, I breathed new life into a very old project; a web page that allows the Champion Mondial decals to be assembled and downloaded for printing. More information in the FAQ.

image copyright Gazelle
Image copyright © Gazelle